The 10 Essentials of Selecting Wedding Jewellery

Posted on 15 Feb, 2018
The 10 Essentials of Selecting Wedding Jewellery

The most important golden rule - Buy your dress first! Only purchase jewellery you absolutely love. Match the stones of your dress to your jewellery!
Use crystals with crystals, and pearls with pearls.


Always consider stone shape. Jewellery does not need to match, but a common theme or shape is needed to provide a sophisticated finish.


Don't overdo it. The main focus is your dress and you want to enhance the look with accessories and jewellery rather than distract from it.
If in doubt - always remove one piece of jewellery.



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Try your accessories on together to ensure you achieve a cohesive look. Try on your headpiece or veil when trying on earrings.
Make sure the scale and dimensions work well together.


Purchase jewellery you love so you will wear it again after the wedding. You should have years of enjoyment from each piece.
Even if you're on a budget, allow yourself a bit of a splurge.


Mix it up. If you're changing your dress for the reception, why not change your jewellery too?


Stick to one metal. Choose one option and stick with it otherwise it can look unfinished.



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Ensure your jewellery is timeless. You can select modern pieces just ensure they are minimal enough to enjoy for years to come.
Fad jewellery trends are not your friend.


If you want to wear statement jewellery, choose one significant piece and build your look around that.


Make sure you feel comfortable. All pieces should sit well and feel secure, so you can enjoy your celebrations with confidence and style.